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Writer's Block: My Personal Concert

If you could have any musician or band play live - just for you and your friends - who would you pick?

HIM, straight out of Finland. I've adored them for years and I've seen them live twice, but nothing would compare to having a personal experience with the band. Ville Valo has an angel's voice, as ironic as that may be. The latest album is definitely my favorite... I can't seem to stop listening to it! Every song just has so many beautiful sounds to it...
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As my summer draws to a close...

Well, this summer has been bust. To put it lightly.
Summer gym (early birthday surprise? wtf?) -3 weeks
Failed attempt at purging the house of its mess -a lot of time
My mother's (short-notice) surgery recovery -3 weeks BONUS: Missing most of Pierogi Fest and the First Chicago Lolita Meet and Greet.
I have pretty much exactly a month to wrap up my summer with something wicked fun. August 21st will be the dead end of my fun when I go on the last lolita meetup of the summer. In other words, I will be hitting Chicago with everything I've got.
Between now and then, I have a very busy schedule. Taking care of my mom will not be taken off of my list. Cleaning my room of all its junk is a speed-task now. Getting ready for school pretty much just involves hitting Walmart for book covers and notebooks and ordering all my cutesy Japanese imports.
Love. LOVE, I tell you. Approx. $70 of imported scholastic goodness. Why am I spoiling myself? Well... last year, I had some concentration issues. This year, I have to really slam my nose in a few books. I only have to raise my gpa by 1.2 to letter in academics, but I want to do even better than that. Wicked SAT and ACT scores call for more scholarships, which means more comfortable living in college. (I'm bad, I know) Anyway, the cuter my study goods are, the more I will want to use them. I'm so smart. So instead of my traditional pencils and paper folders, I'm investing in San-X plastic Rilakkuma folders and pencils, a Berry puppy pencil, more cutesy folders, a crux pencil case, and a Nyanko notebook which I will use as my college-search notebook.
Where was I? Oh, right...
The most important thing is that my family has its annual garage sale. We have TOO MUCH JUNK. My parents are addicted to auctions...
I have a lot of OLD stuff. Last year I alone made $300 off of junk. This year, I could do some serious damage. Where would that money go? A new pair of lolita shoes, a blouse, and my Anime Central '11 fund. $200 down, a lot to go.
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My name is Dolly...

...and I have a problem. A Hetalia addiction, to be quite precise.
My addiction to yaoi fanfiction has become an awful daily thing. In fact, I'd like to post my favorite pairings, just for the hell of it.
My OTP will probably always be unchangeable: NorwayxIceland
These two will be my undoing in my search for good works. Why? Why am I one of the very FEW people who love this couple?
Besides that there's:
USxUK and reverse
SuFin (But really, who doesn't love ye olde married couple?)
FinSu (!)
Norway x Anyone and Anyone x Norway
Russia x Latvia
Russia x America

You get the picture (and perhaps would provide some love via arts and fics?).
Don't even ask about me and fluff art, though. Then, it's usually anyonexanyone goes, but I especially love Gerita and BigBrother!Prussia x Little!Germany. Too cute!

Yeah... this was crack to cheer myself up. My mother coerced me into taking summer gym and, well... Let's just say I may get some new lolita clothes to go back to school with.
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Looking back on my background though aph-colored glasses.

Some of my ancestors apparently came to America right before World War II. My father's side, anyway. Just a while before. We estimate this because my grandmother claimed to be 100% Polish. My grandfather was parts German, Russian, and Polish, but they met here in America. Still, my grandfather's family couldn't have been here long.
The point is, I have a certain amount of patriotism in my heart for all three. Especially, Poland, but Russia and Germany as well.
No, I'm not saying I'm a Nazi, nor a neo-nazi, and I'm not proud of that part of history. But I am proud, in general, to be German and speak it. From the beginning of the Germanic tribes coming into Europe, there's been a lasting impact.
The Soviet Union killed a lot of people, even Soviets in order to become stable. I'm not proud of that, either. But I am proud to be Russian, because in my belief, the shared ancestry of a tough history make a Russian heart strong. Still, it's hard to decide whether to really be proud of the Allies-era Soviet Union because of the violence. There is a conflict there in my heart because of the violence in Poland.
I'm just plain proud to be Polish. Poland used to be much stronger than it is, but still, not many countries disappear and reappear from the map. Some say the Polish are the most patriotic people in the world, and I agree. To feel such a strong sense of unity as to rebuild your country from the ground up... that's special. I hate all concepts of war and military, but if it came down to it, I would serve for Poland. I would die for Poland. I think that's what's built into a Polish heart, and it's been proven for centuries.

Lighthearted sidenote: I wouldn't have stopped to think about this if not for the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom.
By the way, to anyone who happens to read this, I'm not looking for an opinion. I just wanted to vent a little. Comment what you will, I really don't care.
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